CIRCASA organizes outreach Webinars for the project's partners, members, stakeholders and any person interested in CIRCASA's activities. Here you will find all the information concerning the webinars to come. You will also find videos and presentations from past webinars.


Webinars to come

WP3: Preparing the International Research Consortium - Date to come

IPCC: Integrative Responses to land challenges - date to come 


Previous Webinars

WP1: Reviewing scientific and technical evidence - 03/05/2019


IRG: Linkages with the 4p1000 initiative and the CIRCASA project - 30/04/2019



GRA - IRG: Australian Soil Carbon Offset Methods - 26 June 2019



Monitoring reporting verification methods for soil carbon - 20 September 2019


COMET-Farm: The USA farm-scale carbon and GHG accounting system - 29 April 2020