The Open Collaborative Platform

This Open Collaborative Platform (OCP) has been developed to structure and integrate existing knowledge on soil organic carbon sequestration in agriculture. This includes the sharing of information, data, and knowledge openly accessible.

Scientists, farmers, smallholders, stakeholders: you are all invited to collaborate and share your perspectives, experiences, practices and more. 


The CIRCASA project

CIRCASA is the Coordination of International Research Cooperation on Soil Carbon Sequestration in Agriculture funded by the EU H2020 program. We aim to strengthen the international synergies concerning research and knowledge exchange in the field of carbon sequestration in agricultural soil at the European Union and global levels with the active engagement of all relevant stakeholders.

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Collaborative Search

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Be part of an international community to improve our understanding of agricultural soil carbon sequestration!

Knowledge Information System

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Share Data files on a common international open access repository (comming soon)
-Share Data
-Search Data
-Record data

Knowledge Sharing

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Discuss and share information
- Share events on the Calendar
-Exchange your views and dialog through the questions FORUM
-Share experiences, models, practices and knowledge on the BLOG


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Connecting people, create projects, opportunities and partner’s identification.
- Access to a large, interdisciplinary and international community
- Gather contacts
- Share your common projects












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Today, CIRCASA is an all-continents spanning community, with 22 international partners from 17 different countries. CIRCASA’s consortium includes a large fraction of the major institutions, which publish on agricultural SOC sequestration. It also interacts with a large number of European and international programs, research alliances, partnerships and panels, which contribute to our understanding of the inter-relationships between soil carbon, agriculture and climate change.

The CIRCASA project benefit from the participation of three major initiatives:

  • The Global Research Alliance on agricultural greenhouse gases.
  • The Joint Programming Initiative on Sustainable Agriculture, Food Security, and Climate Change. 
  • The 4 per 1000 - Soils for Food Security and Climate- initiative.

By bringing together the research community, governments, research agencies, international, national and regional institutions and private stakeholders, CIRCASA's uniquely dense network of expertise has a strong potential to coordinate international research cooperation.

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